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Wedding photos (and video) are the two things that you look back on after the wedding day is long gone! It’s a stressful thing to think out and try to plan for to make sure those memories are captured with ample time, but the main key is having someone there who knows what they’re doing and has done many weddings (like Pure Plush has!) A wedding happens once and hiring a professional is definitely the first key.

So what are some wedding photo tips to make sure you have those memories captured? Here’s three tips I think help making the day run the smoothest to get the best shots. Read to the bottom for a Bonus Tip!

    1. Have a good timeline!
      I work with every couple and coordinator on their timeline to make sure there is plenty of time for all of the shots and has the best lighting. It all starts with working out the ceremony start time. From there, the coordinator helps with the ceremony and reception timeline, while I make sure everything pre-ceremony is scheduled correctly. There are so many parts of the day that you think should take 5 minutes, when they really take 30-45 minutes! I work in extra room in the schedule as well to make sure if something goes wrong, we can make up time elsewhere. Whether you have a small elopement or a multi-day wedding, I work with each couple to make sure we get the shots worked into the schedule.
    2. Don’t sweat the small stuff like the weather
      In Texas we joke that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. I have seen reports where it’s going to pour down rain and it doesn’t, or it shows a 0% chance of rain while rain drops are falling on my head. You just never know what could happen on your wedding day!
      So be prepared and don’t fret a few drops or the cold. I always bring a clear umbrella for my couple to get portraits in the rain and guess what, they are the prettiest photos. Purchase some cheap clear umbrellas from Amazon for your wedding party as well and still get those amazing shots. This wedding day happens once so take advantage of the moments!
    3. Have a Family Formal Shot list
      This is something I help every couple with: creating an efficient family shot list. I create this list based on family listed on my wedding questionnaire and send it over for final approval before the wedding day. You have so much on your plate trying to put the wedding together, this is one less thing you need to worry about. There is only so much time between the ceremony and reception (and some churches have very strict timelines for family portraits) so I create this list to make sure each side is captured in the most timely way possible. Extra tip: Have a family member like a cousin help point out important people to make the formal family shots run the smoothest!

Bonus Tip!

  1. Don’t have immediate family coordinate the wedding day
    One thing I have noticed over the years is immediate family members (mothers, fathers, siblings) missing out on important photo moments and not being present during the wedding because they are helping to coordinate the wedding day. In the end myself, videographer or my second shooter, have the task of hunting down immediate family members to be captured because they’re in charge of setting up wedding details. I have seen parents upset later because they realized they missed moments of the day of their child getting married and wished they had been more present. If your venue doesn’t come with a coordinator, I suggest hiring at least someone for day-of coordination. If it’s a very small wedding then have an extended family member (cousin or Aunt) or friend help with those setting up details. This way the family closest to you can be present for those photo and video memories!

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