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Cambodian bride and groom

Cambodian wedding traditions are so unique and colorful, I was so excited when Elizabeth told me that she wanted to honor the Cambodian side of her family with this ceremony. Typically there are a few more parts of the ceremony than what they included, but still had 3 outfit changes with the last one being traditional gold to symbolize royalty. The next day Elizabeth and Elliot had a Western ceremony and reception. I will post my favorites from that date soon!

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On Friday morning we gathered at Elizabeth’s parents home and turned their living room into the Cambodian wedding ceremony area. They got ready together in light pink and gold outfits for the first ceremony of the day.

Groom’s Procession – Hai Goan Gomlom

The first part started outside with a procession of the groom and his family and guests bringing gifts or dowry to the bride and her family. The bride and groom exchanged floral necklaces with each other and then walked in to sit down.

Both sets of parents exchanged gifts and then the bride and groom exchanged rings.

This ceremony only lasted 15 minutes, then it was off to change again into the Cambodian bride and groom’s second outfit of light blue and gold. This was definitely my (and the brides) favorite outfit.

Hair Cutting Ceremony – Gaat Sah

The next ceremony was the hair cutting ceremony. Well, more like pretend hair cutting ceremony because you’d be missing a lot of hair after everyone took their turn (lol!) This ceremony symbolizes a clean start in their marriage. Each person comes up, “cuts” the hair, combs it and sprays perfume over the bride and groom.

After the hair cutting, it was off to change into their third and final outfit that was all gold. Other food gifts and offerings were added to the altar

Knot Tying Ceremony – Sompeas Ptem

During this ceremony the bride and groom hold the sword together while family and friends tie red strings around their wrists. Gifts of money may be placed in their hands as well. Flowers or rice is typically thrown over the couple while the strings are tied. At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom will walk around the alter several times before exiting together.

Now that all of the ceremonies were done, we took the couple and wedding party nearby for some portraits. Their outfits all together were so amazing looking in the greenery of the park.