What are the best engagement photo locations in Houston? I get asked this a ton and I love steering my couples to something they would like and enjoy depending on the “look” they’re going for.

Recently updated for COVID closures and construction

First, I suggest going with a location that’s meaningful to you and your partner. Where was your first date? Where did they propose? If none of these spots inspire you, then check out some engagement photos that inspire you. What type of locations are you drawn to the most?

I like to divide engagement photo locations up into a few categories to narrow it down: urban, greenery/fields, beach, or wooded/trees. That’s how I will separate locations below (and what are good companion spots for a second look)

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Urban Photo Locations:

Downtown Houston for Engagement Pictures

Here’s a variety of spots around downtown Houston that I enjoy. Typically the north end is the best. Since there has been some changes during COVID, there are a lot of boarded up buildings and some spots I typically went to have closed, sadly. There’s still some nice spots around but there are areas I definitely have to avoid now.

downtown houston engagement photos by the clock

Main Street clock

Downtown Engagement Photo Locations in Houston

Rooftop engagement photo Houston

Downtown houston wedding

Nearby Hotel Icon

Metrorail Engagement Photo Locations in Houston

MetroRail Passing

Sabine Street Bridge
After doing a shoot at Downtown spots or Sam Houston Park, this bridge is famous for the Houston skyline backdrop. You can easily walk down to the Bayou for a second location spot as well.

Views of downtown Houston Engagement Photo Location

Rice University
Currently, the campus at Rice is closed to photo shoots until further notice due to Covid-19. However when it reopens, Rice is the best of both: some greenery mixed in with architecture that looks more European than Texas.
Rice University engagement session

The Strand

galveston engagement photos

La Kings on The Strand Galveston

Sam Houston Park
Currently Bagby is under construction and the park is closed on the front entrances. I have not been able to see if the side entrance is open though. This spot is good mix of Downtown and fields! I love the green field they have, trees, fountain, and historical homes (plus it’s proximity to Downtown)

A&M Park/Wortham Park Medical Center
Nestled in the middle of the Med Center, this smaller park has fountains, greenery and perfectly aligned trees. Great spot for a second location


Old Baylor Park

Old Baylor Park outside of Brenham

Hermann Park

Borroughs Park

Memorial Park
Memorial has high grass areas and mix of fields and trees. Can you believe this is in the median?

Buffalo Bayou

This spot is right below and a short walk from the the Sabine Street bridge. You can also visit Eleanor Tinsley Park and walk over.

Mercer Arboretum

Cy-Hope – Cypress

This spot is a new favorite. Did you know we have a replica Alamo in Houston? Cy-Hope is a charity, so you must fill out a release form, have the time reserved and donate to the charity in order to shoot there. I am happy that each shoot’s donation goes to a great cause. The spot has the mini Alamo, greenery, ponds, bridges, mossy trees, a field and road that is photogenic.


Though most of the areas listed above have trees, the following have more dense woods or large trees for photos (and maybe still have fields)

North/South Boulevards

As long as you’re respectful to homeowners and don’t leave trash, this spot is iconic for photos in Houston. Hermann Park, Rice University or Wortham Park in the Medical Center

Klebwoods Nature center
This little gem is tucked away in north Houston and has an old barn, garden and trees. It’s so cute! I suggest a Sunday or weekday to avoid crowds.

Brazos Bend State Park
This park south of Houston is GORGEOUS with that southern charm/mossy trees look. They have wooded area, grassy fields and docks over ponds. This spot does tend to flood during heavy storms so keeping an eye out of it’s closed or not is important.


Well Galveston is about as beachy as is goes! You can go to Bolivar Peninsula on the ferry as well but I have never done sessions out that way. The Galveston Pleasure pier also makes a great backdrop or under the pier look. Finish off the session on The Strand or in front of the colorful houses on the island!

Of course this list of the best engagement photo locations in Houston is always growing, and I will be updating is consistently to add new spots so make sure you bookmark this one.