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Oh does this marriage proposal have a story behind it!

It first started when I got a call the day before everything happened from Ashley’s best friend who wasn’t even in town. She called telling me about how her best friend’s boyfriend spilled the beans to her that he had planned on proposing to Ashley on his visit to Houston. The thing was, Trevor was still driving from Tennessee to Texas for this visit. Ashley’s best friend got all the details from me and had also put it out on Facebook about the need for a last minute photographer. Coincidentally enough, one of my friends had referred my name as well. Small world and the best friend decided it was meant to be for me to capture this moment!

Trevor called me and told me the details and what he had planned with Ashley for their day date and proposal: go visit the gardens near Memorial Park and then go meet family afterwards at a crawfish boil to break the news. Trevor had acquired his grandmothers gorgeous vintage and timeless engagement ring for the special day. Somehow Trevor convinced Ashley that he wanted to “dress up and be fancy for the park” which looking back she thought was funny since messy crawfish was afterwards, but okay!

We planned the meeting spot and as they walked in I pretended to be the proficient wildlife photographer, somehow concealing the massive camera and lens to capture the moment from across the gardens. Trevor finally stopped and got to one knee.

My favorite part of the day was seeing Ashley look down at her gorgeous ring, gasping, and just couldn’t believe what just happened throughout the entire shoot. You can tell this couple loves each other so much and how much joy they share together.

Congrats Trevor and Ashley! Here’s some of my favorites:

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Houston marriage proposal

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Marriage proposal Ideas