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This NYC wedding was such a great trip and experience! I really don’t know where to begin… I mean, I had never even visited the Big Apple before! Yes, I know that’s crazy since I have been lots of places, but this was the first time I have left the doors of the JFK Airport or Newark Airport.

Jessica and Artur currently live in Los Angeles and met out there while both going to school. Artur was a waiter at a restaurant when they met… then one thing lead to another and they started dating! Jessica is originally from Brooklyn and it felt only right to go back to the city that she loves to share with her friends and family her and Artur’s wedding day.

“Everyone has a different and personal reason for getting married and for having a wedding; for us it was about bringing people we love from all over the country together to see and understand a little about what our world–our world as a couple–looked like. We have friends from all over and some of them haven’t had enough time around us together to really understand our dynamic. We felt like the wedding was a chance to show them that.” – Jessica

With Artur’s family originally from Poland, there were ties to the country with the custom album holding guests’ polaroids hand made by a person in Poland. Polish wedding tradition also includes a passing of a loaf of bread and dipped in a side of salt, which was passed during the ceremony. As an homage to Jessica’s Italian background the guests’ gifts included Jordan almond pouches with a quote about the traditional five almond offering and next to that were tote bags featuring their fur baby that couldn’t make the cross country trip.

Venue : reBar Gastropub in Dumbo
Make-up Artist : Mario Dedivanovic
Hair Stylist: Xavier Soto
Dress: Custom design by Marcia Goncalves of the Rio Collection in Los Angeles





There were so many cute DIY additions to their wedding. Her brooch bouquet was hand made with brooches collected by family and friends all over the world. In the theater room of the venue where they showed a slide show of their memories there were Jenga blocks with wishes from the guests written down. On the dance floor were flip flops for the tired guests’ feet to dance away in. In the groom’s area was a wall of pictures of each couple or guest framed.







Roof top pictures from their venue overlooking Manhattan. Ahhh! Can’t beat that view!





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