Wedding photos (and video) are the two things that you look back on after the wedding day is long gone! It's a stressful thing to think out and try to plan for to make sure those memories are captured with ample time, but the main key is having someone there who knows what they're doing and has done many weddings (like Pure Plush has!) A wedding happens once and hiring a professional is definitely the first key. So what are some wedding photo tips to make sure you have those memories captured? Here's three tips I think help making the day run the smoothest to get the best shots. Read to the bottom for a Bonus Tip!

I get asked a lot, "Do you do Catholic wedding photography?" Sure do! I have shot at different Catholic churches and one thing I have learned over the years is: every priest is different and each church is different. They have their own set of rules about photos, where you can stand, where I can stand, flowers, what you can wear, what your bridesmaids can wear, etc. I learn the rules of each church beforehand and shoot away (while following all the rules!)

The Cotton Gin No. 116 Wedding Venue is nestled outside of Houston in a cotton gin turned event space that I just love. Not only is the venue manager, Kim, one of the nicest people ever to help with your wedding, you're surrounded by history in this building in downtown Brookshire. There's just so many options you could do when holding your event there and so many places to take photos (perk for me!) They'll truly take care of you along with all of the vendors a part of this shoot!