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Since the trip to Jessics and Artur’s wedding was my first trip EVER to NYC, I had to squeeze some sightseeing in and made it a personal effort to capture what I wanted on film. I brought tons of rolls but unfortunately only had a little time to explore the city and only shot 3 rolls. I have mostly expired (and very expired) film, but I just recently just started buying more new film so I can get the exposures and colors I want. Expired film can be a little tricky. Black and white film can become a little flat (not much contrast) while color film can look more retro (cool!) but not expose exactly right (boo!).

Since the wedding was on Sunday and I arrived on Friday, I had a meeting with the venue coordinator in Brooklyn in the afternoon (I have to check out any venue I’ve never laid eyes on!) I got to NYC so early in the morning that I was able to do a few touristy things before my afternoon meeting. I started at Union Station and just walked all the way down 5th almost to Central Park, shooting along the way. The main NYC Library was soo gorgeous and was probably my favorite (the chair with a shadow is outside of the Library.) After stuffing my face silly for lunch with my good friend from high school at Ma Pêche, I had to head to Dumbo/Brooklyn for my venue walk through. After that I just wandered down to the waterfront and shot a bit. By this point I was *exhausted*.

Monday before I had to take off for my flight, my awesome hosts took me around Bushwick to check out the neighborhood and had an awesome lunch at Café Ghia. I took a few more shots around that area too… hanging shoes on the telephone wires and the graffiti all over the place.

I can’t wait to go back again and spend more time in NYC. These film scans also make me realize how much I love how film exposes. I barely corrected anything besides some contrast to the B&W film scans and taking out some dust spots. The dark areas expose properly and the sky is never really blown out like digital. I spend way way more time editing on digital than film. Anyway.. here are the shots… color and b&w!





nyc photos-5

nyc photos-6

nyc photos-7




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