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I can't believe after living in Las Vegas for 10+ years now, I had never made it to the Grand Canyon. This Grand Canyon wedding was an adventure with the bride, groom, and their three young boys in tow. We started off at the M Resort before being shuttled down to Boulder City to catch our helicopter to the Grand Canyon ridge where the company has everything set up and waiting to perform the ceremony overlooking the Colorado River at sunset. It was awesome seeing the Canyon for the first time from this amazing point of view. We headed back into town after landing with a quick photo tour around the Las Vegas Strip and downtown.

Where do I begin to tell you the story about this wedding day? Making it back to my home state for a holiday season wedding was great. I started off my trip making time to see family for the holidays, and made my way up to Dallas for Angi and Stephan's big day at the Scottish Rite Hall in downtown Dallas. There's one thing about Texas you can never predict accurately, and that's the crazy weather... especially in the winter. I had visited and took a tour of the Scottish Rite Hall during the summer time during a visit to the DFW area and had mentioned to the guide, "Well it'll be December in Dallas so it'll either be 80 degrees or it will be freezing.... or it will be 80 degrees in the morning and snowing by 3pm. One of the three." He chuckled and said, "Definitely!"