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Since the trip to Jessics and Artur's wedding was my first trip EVER to NYC, I had to squeeze some sightseeing in and made it a personal effort to capture what I wanted on film. I brought tons of rolls but unfortunately only had a little time to explore the city and only shot 3 rolls. I have mostly expired (and very expired) film, but I just recently just started buying more new film so I can get the exposures and colors I want. Expired film can be a little tricky. Black and white film can become a little flat (not much contrast) while color film can look more retro (cool!) but not expose exactly right (boo!).

It's Senior picture time! I love working with seniors... they'll climb on whatever rock you want and can be way more adventurous for photos. Krista has lived in Las Vegas her whole life and wanted something that showed the part of Las Vegas that she loved: the desert rocks by Red Rock Canyon, the desert landscape, and a place where she would go hiking with her family on the weekends as she grew up. Just on the other side of the entrance to Red Rock Canyon is the tucked away treasure of Calico Basin.

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting Samantha and Dan's wedding that was held inside of Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. The ceremony was held in the lobby right outside of the club and the festivities moved inside of the club as soon as the nuptials were over. There were a lot of areas of the club that were great to shoot in... like the front entry way hall that some of the shots took place in. I wanted to take that wall home or have panels of it to use in the future! It was a great look.